Patient Testimonials

  • I saw an ad on Facebook about shoulder pain. I signed up as I felt I was losing my range of motion on my left side and the right side was beginning to hurt also. I was having a lot of difficulty washing my back. It got to the point I had to use my husband for help. After a few times of therapy, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could wash my back with some difficulty, but I could get it done. I can lift both arms straight up without difficulty. I had never had PT before but this experience has been outstanding. The staff are so nice and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Boulet. They are the best. The only regret I have is my time is up and therapy is done. I will continue the exercises at home. Thanks to all the staff.

    Cyndi D.

  • I arrived four days after surgery with a knee that did not want to bend, was consistently painful and an overall stiffness in my body. I did not realize that a bad back and two bad knees had caused me to alter my gait and that my balance was also compromised. Over eight weeks a consistent program of exercise and progressing reps brought my knee functionally back. During that time gait and balance exercises returned me to a comfortable and relaxed walk. The laser program significantly reduced my pain. After eight weeks, I am essentially pain free. The most significant element of my P.T. experience was the honest compassion and caring of all of the staff for me as an individual. The upbeat attitude of everyone who cared for me allowed me to work on my exercises at home without discouragement. I will be back in six months to rehab my second total knee and I know I will be received with knowledge and caring.

    D. Peter C.

  • My back was really hurting a lot when I started. I couldn’t stand nor sit very long. Nor could I do my daily housekeeping chores. Now I am pain free and doing everything I normally do (without pain!!). Everyone here is very courteous and knowledgeable. They know their stuff!! Thanks to everyone for such excellent treatment. I liked the more personalized atmosphere here. It was nice not to be one of a large number. If I ever need therapy again I will come here. I will recommend y’all, too.

    Jane G.

  • I came here to gain strength in areas that I rarely use. I lost strength in my rotator cuff area and had started to experience pain in my shoulders. Being a bow hunter and not able to pull back my bow with ease was some serious stuff. I was shown several different exercises to help in that area. I gained some strength and some motion and will continue to do so with my exercise plan. I feel more confident that I will be ready for my upcoming hunts.

    Mike L.

  • It has been a long haul, but I am doing 100% better. After rotator cuff repair, I received awesome therapy. They were so patient with my recovery through all the pain. Going from being in an arm sling for 6 weeks to being able to get back to my routine yard work, housework, and all my craft hobbies. All staff were wonderful in helping me recover fully. Thanks to all for all the wonderful therapy to get back to my old self.

    Tina O.

  • After two years of shoulder pain and ineffective physical therapy, I found Boulet’s Physical Therapy and Wellness. A friend of mine found a flyer for this clinic. The work is gentle and effective. I could not be more pleased with the results! The exercise was able to maintain the results. Thank you, Taylor, for your gentle guidance.

    Carmer F.

  • After a fall and injuring my shoulder, I did not know where to turn. I saw an advertisement for a free shoulder pain seminar sponsored by Patricia Boulet at Boulet Physical Therapy. I attended with a friend and Patricia spoke about alternatives to surgery and injections. She offered a free screening to those present. I scheduled my appointment for the next day as I was tired of waking up in pain every night. Boy am I glad I did. Patricia explained my treatment plan in simple turns that I could understand. My husband Darrel, who is legally blind, was also experiencing shoulder pain of a different type. I spoke to Patricia about him she said they could screen him as well. Taylor screened Darrel and worked up a treatment plan. Taylor and the entire staff were all aware of Darrel’s limited vision and made sure he understood his exercise program completely. Darrel is completely pain free and I am almost there thanks to Patricia, Taylor and the entire AWESOME staff. They show the utmost professionalism and respect. They treat you like you are family and friends. They are the BEST!!!!

    Cheryl and Darrel

  • Thank goodness for Facebook. I saw a low back, sciatica presentation given by Pat Boulet, inviting people to come to a free seminar. After viewing the presentation, I made the decision to come, and I never looked back. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and are always willing to do what it takes to make you have a good experience.  Thank you, Boulet Physical Therapy for getting me back on my feet.


  • I received a referral to Ms. Pat Boulet and I scheduled as soon as possible. People told me that she is the “best physical therapist” and I agree that she is in fact the best physical therapist I have ever had. I came to Pat with foot pain in both feet as a result of Achilles tendon injuries. I could no longer walk for exercise and I was disheartened by the fact. I was told by podiatrist that I would not be able to resume my walking for a long period of time, perhaps a year a half, and that I would just have to accept that I cannot walk my 10,000 steps a day.  Pat taught me to not only stretching exercises to help heal the Achilles tendons, but also strengthening exercises for my lower and upper body. She gave me excellent training and provided me with maintenance exercises for a home program. I know the exercises she has taught me have helped me tremendously. I am 62 years old and I will use the knowledge and skills Ms. Pat taught me each day. I am now able to return to my walking for fun and exercise and I am thrilled with the results in PT. I highly recommend Ms. Pat for PT. She is a highly skilled physical therapist with decades of experience. She is just so sweet and a very lovely lady, indeed. Someone I can say is a lifetime friend.

    Theresa M.

  • When I came to this clinic I could barely walk with the aid of a walker. My knee surgery was difficult. With the help of the staff at Boulet’s Clinic, I quickly began to improve. I was encouraged by the staff, given good advice, and I am thankful for the results of my therapy. From the front desk to the physical therapists and staff I was treated with respect and compassion. I especially want to thank Shelby Labbe, DPT for her care and advice. I leave with good memories.

    Darryl B.