On June 9, 2016, Governor John Bel Edwards signed into a law a bill that did away with the requirement that patients obtain a referral from a licensed doctor to see a physical therapist. This gives patients the opportunity to access physical therapy sooner. Some insurances still require doctor prescriptions in order to be treated by a PT. These include: Medicare, United Health Care, and Humana. Blue Cross/Blue Shield does NOT require a doctor prescription.

Hard Cap on Physical Therapy Services under MEDICARE Eliminated

On February 9, 2018, Congress eliminated the hard cap of $2010.00 annually on physical therapy services. What this means is that in a calendar year, Medicare recipients can exceed this amount for PT services as long as the services are medically necessary and the patient shows improvement. If and when the amount reaches $3,000.00, then those claims will be placed in a pool for arbitrary medical review.


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Boulet Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute serves the communities of the Acadiana region with comprehensive physical therapy services provided to both adults and children.